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The 140 bus goes directly from Harrow to Heathrow, which is useful if you're escaping via an airline a little more up-market than Easyjet, or Ryanair..

…but getting to the airports the reasonably priced airlines serve is still pretty easy.

If you're on the way to Luton, don't make the mistake of going all the way to King's Cross to catch the train - it stops at West Hampstead, which is only half as far as the city, and part of the way towards Luton. You can get to West Hampstead from Stanmore and Canon's Park on the Jubilee line, or from the Metropolitan line stations, and change at Finchley Road for the Jubilee line.

The same train from West Hampstead, going in the opposite direction, will take you to gatwick. Alternatively, you can get the regular express train from Harrow and Wealdstone station to gatwick, which should be faster, if it's running at a time suitable for your flight.

If you're on the way to Stansted, you have to get to Liverpool street, which is less convenient. If Harrow and Wealdstone station is convenient for you, the train to Euston is fast but will require a hike to Euston Square or two tube changes to get to your goal. A Metropolitan line train going to Aldgate would work out ideally, and tube-gods permitting, could be done in under an hour. If you have to catch a flight, though, you have to leave time for everything to go wrong - the more you want to get somewhere, the more the trains will be delayed

If you're travelling to the north of England, the rail connections are good. From Harrow and Wealdstone, and stations north, you can get to Watford and Milton Keynes, and from there, change for trains to Birmingham, and other exciting places to the north, including Glasgow, and, (erm) Warrington, where one might visit their Gran.


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