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All the major and subordinate centres in Harrow are well served by public transport including bus service. There is little difficulty getting from, say Rayners Lane to Hatch End (route H12 running approx. Every 10 minutes during the day) or from Wealdstone to south Harrow. Additionally, most sub-centres are directly connected to Harrow bus station in central Harrow.

Under ken's rule the buses are getting better all the time. Some may same the best time (read only - unless you value money more than time) to use buses is the middle of the night after a bit of pub/clubbing. If you're a non-car user, the first few times on the night bus gives you an interesting perspective on the route to London that you don't get on the underground. The curvy roads dotted with pubs and stores and the array of high streets and surrounding houses and provides a view of Harrow in a way you can't get from the tracks.

You can check out the London transport links, but it is easier to work out in real life - if you're willing to take our word for it…



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