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The railway first came to Harrow in 1837. The station was what is today Harrow and Wealdstone station and was the first stop on the way out of London.

Being the first stop out of london is part of the reason Harrow has grown and prospered as much as it has. The tradition of good rail transport links to the city and to the north of England (and even Scotland) continues, and, if you can make the train work for you, it will always be the fastest way to get from Harrow to central London.

From Harrow-on-the-hill station, there is a train that runs every 30 minutes during the day that will take you to Marylebone station in 15 minutes. From Harrow & Wealdstone station, there is a non-stop train twice an hour that will take you to Euston in twelve minutes.

You can lookup train times using the Railtrack web site


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