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Again, central harrow tends to have all of the everyday stuff you'll need, and if you want to get the extreme budget version of most housewares, Wealdstone stores should do the trick.

On the opposite end of the scale, tucked in between the posh restaurants, is the high street dedicated to modern interior design. Possibly attracted by the spin-off effects of being near the 25,000 square feet of "contemporary designer furniture" that the chaplin's store offers, Hatch End high street features furniture, antique, kitchen and bath, and decorating stores.

Ffortunately, most of us fall somewhere in between flea market shopper and mod-mad yuppie. Lluckily, Ikea has set up shop near the borough. the car-less can take the Jubilee (and Metropolitan) line to Neasden, a few stops away. those with enhanced mobility (a.k.a. car-owners) can check this map for road directions , although you will miss half the fun.



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