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There's Club Moonlight on Station Road and Time in central Harrow, but an absence of clubs near your home might be a good thing because you don't suffer the excessive noise at closing time .

However, if you consider the lack of late-night action too much of a drawback, and aren't willing to sample the delights of late-night London (including the glorious night bus), you can try out these:

The Trinity Bar is the place that stays open the latest in central Harrow. It has decent beer and a crowd that is laid-back and verging on early middle age.

Supposedly, the Yate's in central Harrow offers some kind of deal, where they'll bus you to a club in Watford and bus you back for £7, which includes cover charge.

If the deal at the Yate's is no longer in effect, your last hope is to get into Area 51 on the campus of the University of Westminster -you're either going to have to smooth talk the doorman, or be able to make friends with a westminster student who would be interested in accompanying you. Cheap drinks and loads of foreign students make this possibly the best place to club in Harrow.


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