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There are lots of pubs in central Harrow and many of them are chain pubs. In fact, you can get into a heated argument with locals about which one is the best.

In central Harrow, the pubs tend toward cheesy disco, and almost every one features sport/loud music/youngsters on the pull. The pubs in other neighbourhoods attract an older crowd, and tend to be more sedate, although there are exceptions. There is usually a Weatherspoons bar in every area, and also, at least one irish pub. The Queen's Head in Pinner is often a favourite for beer drinkers, and the following could be a starting point in a search for your local.

The following sites have a list of pubs and bars in Harrow (lists nearly 200 bars)

The Windermere in South Kenton
My favourite neighbourhood pub is the Windermere. Unless there is a worthwhile sports event, the place is never too full. It has decent beer, two pool tables, and plays not-too-old music at a sound level bearable for 25-35s. The fantastically gorgeous establishment the place was in the early part of the last century, is only partly covered over by an early 90s refurb. If you prefer a mixed crowd, this place might be worth the hike to the out-of-the-way location, next to South Kenton station on the Bakerloo line.

Sarsen Stone in Wealdstone
This friendly is the real thing, with the expected cheap drink. The crowd of pub-goers are the best thing about the place, from the pensioners who've been there every day for years, to the business people lunching, to the snogging teens. The customers seem to know not only the friendly bar staff, but also each other.


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