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The live music/comedy scene in harrow probably requires a trip on the night bus. If you want to see someone specific, chances are they will turn up in london eventually, but chances are they won't be stopping in harrow. However, this isn't to say harrow is short on live entertainment.

Tthe Trinity bar, mentioned in the clubs section, has regular live acts, as do a number of pubs in the area. the following is just to give you an idea - it most definitely does not cover all the pubs that offer live music.

Also featuring live acts are the Spanish arch, an irish bar in kenton, and the Fornax and Firkin, across the way from the South Harrow tube station, feature trad music and/or cover bands. as well, numerous places offer karaoke.

If you are well into the turning-into-your-parents stage of life, there are also frequent "quality cultural events" at the Harrow arts centre in Hatch End, and the Harrow museum and heritage centre, both of which feature live groups and artists playing music ranging from jazz to pop to classical, as well as occasional comedy and theatre events.



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