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Cosmopolitan might be a strange word to describe a borough that is a suburb of a big city, but in the case of Harrow, it fits. In a way, the borough of Harrow works as a city in it's own right, attracting people from all over the UK and all over the world.

From it's modern town centre with the pedestrianised shopping streets, to the commuter suburbs with traditional village centres, the resulting landscape is a unique mix of British and international culture that is visible in the homes, the stores, the activities, and particularly, the restaurants.

In the past, land that now comprises the borough of Harrow was a collection of villages surrounded by farmed and open land. The area prospered as London grew, and as transport links improved; housing filled much of the space between the villages, with some land reserved for parks. Today, central Harrow acts as the focus for the borough, being the most economically and socially vibrant locale. As the area with the most modern development, central Harrow balances the traditional village feel found in much of the surrounding community.


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