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That in Harrow you might be able to...

Harass a future leader?
seven prime ministers including Winston Churchill attended Harrow school.

Be the very model of a modern major general?
W.S. Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan used to live in Old Redding in a big old house that is now that is now the Grim's Dyke Hotel.

Join the Club?

Harrow has the third largest population of millionaires in any borough in London.

…recover in style?
Northwick Park Hospital was rated as one of the top hospitals in the UK in a recent Daily Mail survey.

Be near the smoking remains of a building featured on the who's "meaty, beaty, big & bouncy?"
The Railway tavern, where the who were discovered by their managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, was featured on the inside sleeve of the Who's first compilation album, containing early singles. despite the venerable history of the building. Possibly the venue for Pete Townsend's first trademark guitar smashing, the railway tavern was demolished in the 1980s.

Open spaces galore
25% of the borough is green belt or open space


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