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You can bring your visiting American relatives to check out the boffins in their straw hats, but contrary to popular belief, there are other schools in Harrow besides the one on the Hill.

Boffins in their straw hats to

Other schools in Harrow to

In addition to schools for kids, in Harrow there is also Harrow College which offers University Prep Programs, and the campus of the University of Westminster greenfield Harrow campus, home to the School of Communication & Creative Industries, the Harrow Business School and the Harrow School of Computer Science - a total of c5,000 students and 400 staff, and there is a bar and a nightclub for your extra-curricular studies.

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Like any good borough, Harrow has libraries tucked in near most neighbourhood centres. And like most neighbourhood libraries, you can pick up trashy romance novels, GSE level reference books, and most importantly, phrase books and tourist guides for your, (erm) post-pubertal gap year research.

Bonus: Check out the Music library and the Local History collection.

Tip: The library is the place to go to get information on the local recreational and volunteer activities you can take part in and make your mother proud.

Gayton Library (in Central Harrow)
Rayner's Lane Library
Roxeth Library (in South Harrow)
North Harrow Library
Wealdstone Library
Civic Centre Library (near Wealdstone)
Hatch End Library
Pinner Library
Stanmore Library
Bob Lawrence Library (near Queensbury Station)
Kenton Library

Borough of Harrow Library Information

Council services

With a generally low crime rate in London, excellent hospitals, and good schools, libraries, and recreational facilities, Harrow has a lot going for it. Some of the services and facilities the council provides have an interest value beyond the practical -such as restoration of Headstone Manor

Harrow Council Web Site


Northwick Park Hospital on Watford Road was included in a recent Daily Mail survey as one of the top hospitals in England, which is a definitely good thing if anything really bad ever happens to you. Of course, you don't really want to plan for that… but just in case, here's the NHS site for more info.

There are also specialist hospitals in the area, such as the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and a private hospital Clementine Churchill

Places of worship

Most of the old churches around Harrow are alive and well, looking as pretty as ever. in addition to St Marys on the Hill, there are old churches in every major centre.

While many of us think the best part of church is checking out the old gravestones, there are many very active church communities and other religous groups in the borough with a number of mosques and temples in the borough, as a result of the borough's strong multicultural character.






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