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Central Harrow
Just adjacent to Harrow-on-the-Hill, Harrow town centre is becoming more and more dominated by modern buildings not like Milton Keynes, as in the concrete jungle/eight lanes of traffic modern, but in the shiny glass/loads of investment sense of modern. It's lively place, featuring two malls anchoring a pedestrianised shopping street, with plenty of pubs and restaurants, and a Warner village cinema.

Harrow on the Hill
The hill is a place where you can see a chunk of english history in the urban landscape. The word Harrow is an anglo-saxon meaning temple or sacred grove; the area may have been named after a pagan site of worship that was on the top of the hill, from where, on a clear day, you can see fantastic views of London and beyond.

Harrow on the Hill grew around the millenium-old St. Mary's church, and was the centre of power for an area encompassed by what is the current borough. It has loads of lovely old buildings, including Harrow school, a few nice restaurants and pubs and a range of trendy arts and media businesses. A conservation group works to protect the hill and the surrounding area.


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