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If you head north from central Harrow, past Tescos, you'll get to a neighbourhood that may seen a little dodgy at first glance, but, with it's own high street, a friendly atmosphere, and cafe's featuring 'fusion' cuisine, Wealdstone is a top choice for places to live. The high street is quite budget oriented, and your neighbours might have a bit more character than in the rest of Harrow, but it has excellent train links to London via Euston and more than it's fair share of facilities eg the borough's vast leisure centre and skate park (hopefully if it remains). Wealdstone is at the cheaper end of the housing market and therefore a good place to buy your first property.

At worst, Pinner is a nice place to walk around with your mum when she visits. It's an old village turned central shopping area, and has managed to maintain it's traditional scale despite the onslaught of giants Sainsbury's and M&S, both of which are hidden behind the shops on opposite sides of pinner high street. In front of Marks is the Queen's Head, an old pub that serves good beer and cheap food. The area is thriving , with medium range chains and posh restaurants invading.

Hatch End
One of the poshest bits of high street in the borough, Hatch End has the monopoly on modern decorating shops and high end eating establishments, though it's not above having it's own moon bar, just like most of the other centres in Harrow. You can hang out here to observe the shopping habits of some of London'S glitterati, dragged out almost to the countryside to shop for designer furniture at Chaplins.

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