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South Harrow/Roxeth
A normal, busy, suburban London high street, with standard shops, pubs, and community facilities, South Harrow's most interesting aspect is the little market under the railway arches, across the road from the station. Anyway, now the market is only half full, with a pleasant flower store, a jewellery store, and a little cafe. The cute cafe serves traditional english food, but the colour of the air in the place suggests they are aiming to smoke out their customers, as well as fatten them up. maybe some yuppie sprouts and organic smoothies wouldn't be so bad?

Rayner's Lane
Being at an interchange between the Metropolitan and Piccadilly Lines, and therefore, very well connected to the rest of Harrow and London, you might pass through Rayner's Lane Underground Station many times, without realising what is going on up top. The actual station building, and the curvy 1930s cinema across the road (now a Zoroastrian centre) are Grade II listed buildings, and are the focal points of the uniquely formed high street, featuring restaurants (including a well reviewed BYO place), pubs, outdoor produce markets, and all regular high street stuff.



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