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The Prime Movers are a group of the largest employers in Harrow. Each of the group employ at least 100, some employ several thousand. The London Borough of Harrow set up the group in December 2000, as part work on inward investment and business, but sees itself as a member of this group and is keen to work on joint issues. Recruitment and retention of skilled staff was identified as a major concern for many of the group.

Discussion lead to the idea of developing a website - to introduce would-be and new recruits to Harrow and to use it as a mechanism to counteract Harrow's perhaps old fashioned and stuffy image. Its initial development has been funded through the Single Regeneration Budget. The site has been developed by hey moscow, a local marketing communications agency and the content has been developed by Angela Doyle - a postgraduate student at the University of Westminster.

Profiles of the Prime Movers are listed under the Harrow Business Overview



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